Make your own baby food, toxic baby food sold here


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Feb 20, 2019

TV investigative journalist Nuria Piera alerts Dominican consumers to the possible toxicity of US brand name baby food. She followed up on a recent US FDA report that found high levels of toxicity in US-made baby food.

Piera interviewed the researcher of the study on the toxicity findings. Charlotte Brody acknowledged the baby brands here would have the same problems as found in the United States that have merited much alarm.

When Piera interviewed the local office that authorizes food products to be sold here, Luis Martinez of Digemapps said he was not aware of the study. He said that routinely, US brands receive an expedite certification in the understanding they are from a country with fine quality controls.

Scientific researcher Brody said the issue is a global problem. She urged all governments to become involved and demand solutions from food...

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Apr 22, 2012
Mass produced, “organic”, affordable baby food is not widely available in North America. Over-priced non-GMO, non-toxic, non-you-name-it type choices are ridiculously expensive.
Big commercial fruit and vegetable facilities addressing food instability have less need for pesticides etc. to grow produce. The market is there and it’s definitely a larger scale (beyond Hispañola) opportunity for those with the funds to invest.
I would say the same goes for quality, affordable (not pulgas sourced) children’s clothing in the DR.