Manicure and Pedicure at your Domicile around Sosua


Aug 5, 2020
I know this woman, who used to work for a salon that got shuttered after the travails of the last several months. During my last stay in July too, she came to my place and did both manicure and pedicure. For service at home, her price is very reasonable. She cuts my hair as well but not all may like it as she is not "trained" in handling men's hair and uses nothing but scissors but worked for me. She has, I understand two young children and so it is important for her to work. Today I was speaking to her and she mentioned that she is now working the way she did with me and I thought of putting this up so residents who need such service (at home/residence with mask and all that) could use her service.
Anyone who is interested, do send me an email. By the way, she is a Spanish only person even though she speaks the language at a level not expected for people of her station, which is the first thing I noticed about her. Also punctual. Thanks.
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