Manny Cruz calls to pray for the recovery of his wife


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Feb 20, 2019

Popular singer Manny Cruz is asking everyone to join in prayer for the recovery of his wife, Yeri Peguero. Peguero this week gave birth to their daughter Montserrat but is seriously ill with Covid-19. Milagros Sánchez, mother of Cruz, posted a video on her social network asking for people to pray for her daughter-in-law’s prompt recovery.

“Emmanuel (Manny) has been crying like a baby. We are all worried. The baby girl was born, thank God,” shared Manny’s mother. She added that they hope that the girl did not come with “any problems and that they can already do the treatment that Yeri needs to fight Covid”.

Sanchez asked people not to take Covid-19 lightly and to take care of themselves.

Manny Cruz and Yeri Peguero met in 2010 when participating in a musical. They got married in July 2015. Together they also have a son, Matteo.

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