Marcelo Hofke corroborates involvement of Rondón, Pittaluga and Díaz in Odebrecht bribes scandal


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Feb 20, 2019

In the hearing regarding the US$92 million Odebrecht construction company bribes case, former Odebrecht general manager in the Dominican Republic, Marcelo Hofke reaffirmed the payment of US$92 million through an offshore company belonging to Ángel Rondón and lawyer Conrado Pittaluga. Hofke said that he is aware of the bribe payments through company information and conversations with other Odebrecht former executives.

He specified that, according to the information admitted by Odebrecht, these companies were Lashan and Conansa from Rondón and Newport from Pittaluga, which received payments for public officials to secure the construction contracts.

Hokfe spoke in Spanish and said that both Rondón and Pittaluga were intermediaries for public officials’ payment, according to what the company has already admitted. Another company officer, Mauricio Dantes Bezerra had...

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