Jan 1, 2002
Good weather. Much too early for hurricanes, and late enough so that few cold fronts drop down from the north bringing unsettled weather.


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Sep 15, 2002
Ken's right. There's not much change seasonally. We notice the pool gets a little cooler, and things are not quite so stifling in general, from October through late March. We get a few more days where it's cloudy and raining over these months. Especially it seems to me in November and Februray-March. But it's not continual like up north, and even the rain is warm, so it's kind of nice for a change of pace. During the summer, through hurricane season the trade winds brings tropical waves and storms in from the East. During the late fall through early spring the trailing edges of cold fronts moving in from the Northwest drop by to brings us the occasional grey day. But it's normally not more than a day or two at a time, and often less than once a month on average that happens.

So enjoy, it'll be great most likely, al little rain here or there or not.

Tom (aka XR)
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