Mark Penn/Stagwell: Luis Abinader 47%, Gonzalo Castillo 35% and Leonel Fernández 11%


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Feb 20, 2019

Noticias SIN released the findings of the Mark Penn/Stagwell poll that show Luis Abinader is likely to take the election in a first round. The poll indicates opposition party leader, Luis Abinader of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) will receive 47% of the vote compared to ruling Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) candidate, Gonzalo Castillo’s 35%. Former President Leonel Fernández, now running for the People’s Force (FP), gets 11% and Guillermo Moreno of Country Alliance (AlPais) 2%. But Mark Penn says there are 5% undecided. Taking into account the survey margin of error of 3.1% and those that are undecided, the company says there is a good chance Abinader could grab most of the votes and win in the first round on 5 July 2020.

The findings of the Mark Penn/Stagwell face-to-face poll are very different than those in the company’s previous telephone poll that had...
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