Mass tilapia mortalities in Hatillo Dam


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Feb 20, 2019

Fishermen and residents in the communities bordering the Hatillo Dam in central Sanchez Ramirez province are alarmed by mass tilapia mortalities and visible contamination of the waters.

Thousands of dead fish are accumulating between the banks of the reservoir and the land, mainly in the communities of El 8 de Caballero, Maimón and El Meladito.

The locals are asking for an urgent investigation by the Ministry of the Environment because they have not seen before so many dead fish as in the last five days.

In addition, the decomposition of the fish gives off a foul, almost unbearable odor causing other negative impacts.

The locals have suspended using the reservoir waters and fishing activities in the area.

Another situation of worse proportions is the accumulation of thick green water inside the lake in the vicinity of the wall.

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