Mata de Coco arborists, por favor


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Dec 12, 2006
I am trying to level out my property, which involves adding some dirt near some coconut trees. Some trees will not survive if you add soil, and bury part of the trunk. I do not want to kill any trees. Has anyone had any experience in adding soil near the bottom of a coconut tree, burying maybe 2-3 feet of the trunk? I want to know if it will survive.


Jun 16, 2014
Maybe I will form a well around it so the water pools and gets to the roots.
That might work(?). Palms don't have a very big root ball nor a deep tap root to get water. That's why it's so easy to transplant mature palms.

william webster

Jan 16, 2009
That's how I 've seen it done...
A well around the tree to keep the roots open to water

A couple of years we had an arborist in our area... transplanting for new hotel...
You can transplanat almost anything in this climate

He found a perfect specimen... beautiful crown - a bit thin that let the light through, the right height , etc
They dug around to lift it.... took down the electric wires on the street to cart it away

It wouldn't come out of the ground...
They discovered that it had been buried years earlier but had grown a second set of roots - higher up
The arborist was stunned - never has seen anything like it -
Only in the tropics - he said

He said that was why its foliage was thin... been traumatized
and added it would be a perfect transplant, having been thru that earlier trauma

But still..... allow for a well at your coco trees!!!