Matias Ramon Mella province is still being debated


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Feb 20, 2019
Matias Ramon Mella Province Map / Diario Libre

Discussions continue in Congress over the second time splitting of Santo Domingo. Deputy “Tonty” Rutinel (PRM-Santo Domingo) advocates the creating of the Matías Ramón Mella province. He boasts he could become the only deputy to have created two provinces. In 2001 he pushed through the splitting of the National District into two – the National District and the Santo Domingo East province. The argument for the splitting then was and continues to be the large population.

Nevertheless, one of the few that disputed the creating of the new Matias Ramon Mella province, Bolivar Valera (PLD-Santo Domingo) said that if the large population of the Santo Domingo province is an issue, then the Congress should merge the smaller provinces. The Dominican Republic is the Latin American and Caribbean country with the most provinces...

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