Maybe the IADB is wising up???

Texas Bill

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Feb 11, 2003
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From the looks of the articles in today's DR1 Newsletter, the IADB is finally flexing their muscles.

First is the "warning" to Eligio Jaquez about the use of the recent US$100 million and the second is the on-going bruhaha over the "Energy Crisis".

It would seem that maybe the "Banks" are keeping tabs on reports from the DR after all--especially in the political arena and all it's machinations.


Texas Bill


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Apr 26, 2002
The money has been received. All cautions of the IMF and IADB will be appropriately ignored. As you read in yesterday's news, the funds are alread being misappropriated in the anticipated fashion. Why should Hippo care if the IMF and IADB are upset (assuming that they really care)? All he wants is to hold onto power using the money that has been received. The country be damned later. The IADB's concerns are bullsh_t anyway. The funds are and have always been fungible, and they know it.
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