Medical Association calls for strike against health plans to go ahead


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Feb 20, 2019

Unless the National Social Security Council (CNSS) takes a major about face on Friday, 25 November 2022, the Medical Association (CMD) is going ahead with its call for physicians not to accept private medical plans. The CMD recommends switching to the government-operated Senasa and BanReservas health plans that have increased physicians’ pay and accepted other requests by the CMD.

As reported in Hoy, the Medical Association “does not give in” and will not accept ARS health plans. Dr. Rufino Senén Caba, president of the CMD, has reiterated the call for a 24-hour nationwide strike on 30 November 2022 to demand major amendments to Social Security Law 87-01.

Dr. Senén Caba said the call is subject to the response of the National Council of Social Security gives to the proposals presented to the CNSS on Tuesday, 22 November 2022 by the 56 specialized medical societies. The CNSS is...

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