Medical innovation: Ventilator that requires minimum intubation


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Feb 20, 2019

Dr. Juan Manuel Canela has invented a ventilator that enables a high flow of oxygen pressure to patients and reduces intubation by 96%. Dr. Canela is an obstetrics gynecologist at the Canela Medical Center, a leading private clinic in La Romana that is part of the Rescue Group network. At another Rescue Group medical center, the Centro Dr. Bournigal in Puerto Plata has become a pioneer in the use of ivermectin to treat hundreds of Covid-19 patients in the Dominican Republic successfully. He explained that the entire group has attended to nearly 2,000 cases of patients with Covid.

Dr. Canela said he created the machine concerned about the high mortality rate in patients that had to be intubated. Interviewed by Listín Diario in his office at Clínica Canela, the specialist says the CPAC gadget used for sleep apnea is adapted so it becomes a hyperoxygenation...
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