Medical Lab Tests in Santo Domingo


Grande Pollo en Boca Chica
Jan 9, 2002
Question for residents (or those familiar with things medical)

Where can I get lab tests in Santo Domingo (blood tests) with same day results ideally, or phoned to me later the day? I'd prefer to wait if they are quick.

I realize unlike here in Toronto I will have to pay but I am supposed to get this INR test every other day and will be in Boca for 4 days starting next Thursday and ideally I should go Friday for this test though it could wait until I am back Monday. The clinic here is not wild about me going 4 days without.

If it is clean (e.g. clean needles e.g.) safe and fast I suppose I'd go into town for it if I can get the results PDQ.

Any idea as to cost would be appreciated also.