Medina sends Solid Wastes Bill back to Congress


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Feb 20, 2019

President Danilo Medina vetoed the passage of the Solid Wastes Bill. The bill had been floating around in Congress for more than 10 years. In the last month of the present legislature, the bill finally passed in the Chamber of Deputies and was sent to the Presidency for enactment.

Diario Libre recently published a report by journalist Marvin Cid on the bill as it was passed. While some articles in the bill are advances, the pro-plastics industry lobby won over the legislators to their positions in the end. As passed, the bill postpones eradicating plastics packaging for at least another five years. Around 10 years ago, the original initiative gave the industry just two years to adapt to environment-friendly biodegradable packaging.

As passed, the bill does prohibit the free-to-the-customer use of plastic bags, but gives another 70 months for this to happen. Foam...
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Jul 16, 2017
What a toothless bill - five years to phase out plastic bags. Nothing to address foam containers. No mention of biodegradable packing? If this is the best they can do in the wake of the Durquesa fires and the uproar about Vogue Magazine's recent feature of photos of trash-strewen Dominican beaches, I'm thrilled that those politicians who voted for this bill were not reelected. Here's hoping that their replacements can get their shit together and vote in the name of the people and the environment, instead of being held hostage by the plastics industry. What an embarrassment.
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