Migration Director Reconfirmed in his Post


One Dominican at a time, please!
May 15, 2003
Santiago de Los 30 Caballeros
Jos? Ricardo Taveras, Migration Director reconfirmed to stay as the head of Migration

El Caribe ? Margarita coordinar? pol?ticas sociales, confirman director de Migraci?n

No surprises there as I told you here since Day 1 that there would not be changes to any of the heads of Immigration, Foreign Relations (pretty much the ones that apply the Visa program) and Police...

There's a new model roll out in progress that can't be unplugged by removing the heads, which have been prepared for the task at hand.

Same happens on Education, both higher and regular...

The OPRET's underpinnings also are there to roll out the new bus system under the semi private/public contract, as well as the Metro works (which will continue on pace as programmed for phase 2 of Line 2 as of now).

Don't expect any changes on these areas well until after next year, that's when the new programs will be validated and changes possible in some ministries.

Immigration is being assisted by DHS of the US to reformat the whole system to a new standard. Which will also allow the US access to travel data on all foreigners arriving or leaving via all ports of the country real time. That's a pre-requirement to the recently adopted Visa plan by the US in regards to Dominicans and their Visa renewals.

For the U.S. security will start at the gates of the countries where it has large interests and high patterns of activity in the region. That's to say our doors and windows will no longer be watchdog free...