Ministry of Economy expects economy to turnaround in 2021


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Feb 20, 2019

Economy Minister Miguel Ceara Hatton is optimistic the economy will grow in 2021. In an interview with the El Caribe media group, Ceara Hatton says the International Monetary Fund (IMF) says the Dominican economy will show a deficit of 4.6% in 2020, but will grow 4% in 2021. Nevertheless, he points out that the country needs to watch the performance of the United States, European and Latin American economies closely. The outlook is for a GDP drop of 16.7% in the US for this year.

“We hope that next year there will be a revival in the world, that together with the policies we are implementing in the country, internally, we can take advantage of the global rebound much better. That would imply job creation, foreign currency generation and investment in the whole country, but above all, and most importantly, job creation to improve people’s quality of life,” said Ceara...

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