Ministry of Energy and Mines authorizes reopening of Cormidom mine


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Feb 20, 2019

The Ministry of Energy and Mines has cleared Cormidom, the Chinese mining company located in central Monseñor Nouel province to reopen mining exploitation activities. The Ministry has agreed with the mining company to implement changes in several of the mining procedures to prevent worker deaths and accidents. In August 2022, the country watched as two miners were trapped inside. A rescue operation was successful. Now measures are taken not to repeat the situation.

Cormidom is the first underground mining operation in the Dominican Republic. The “Cerro de Maimón Sur” underground mine began operations in 2019 with a projection of a nominal yield of 1.2 million tons of ore per year, and more than US$2 billion from the commercialization of minerals. The underground operation extends the duration of the mine until 2032, with a maximum production of 20,000 tons of copper concentrate and...

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