Ministry of Environment controversy divides those who back the old style of politics and those who want change


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Feb 20, 2019

The talk of the town over the weekend was the controversy Minister of Environment Miguel Ceara Hatton started when he stated during an El Dia Channel 11 Telesistema TV interview with Edith Febles that President Luis Abinader had given him precise instructions to put an end to the mafia structure that permeated the Ministry of Environment, the can of worms revealed after the death of former Minister Orlando Jorge Mera. Ceara Hatton confirmed during the TV interview that gangs and little gangs were operating in the institution at different levels.

Ceara Hatton had served as Minister of Economy of the Abinader administration since day one. A technocrat, he was President Abinader’s choice to replace Orlando Jorge Mera, who had been murdered by a close friend who, on grounds of being a political contributor, sought a permit that violated the rules.

After little more than 10...

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JD Jones

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Jan 7, 2016
Gotta read that story more than once. It really describes the depth of corruption and payoffs in Govt that is so entrenched in doing business here.

What a hornet's nest. Lots of cleaning left to do.
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Jan 12, 2010
I think that the operative word above is entrenched . Dominicans do not take kindly to rules and laws as we daily see with disposal of rubbish all over the place , talking on cell phones while driving and motor cycling without helmets . So it is going to be very hard to change the culture . But the other problem is the total inertia . For example there are dead trees in Rio Higuamo in San Pedro that have been there for years and Playa del Muerto is an environmental wreck and no one does anything to clean it up. Between La Romana and Higuey there are two locations where rubbish is burnt ,including plastic bags with toxic fumes going into the air and within La Romana , black smoke from the sugar factory spews over la Romana on a regular basis . It is entrenched inertia .