Ministry of Health to cover expenses of Venezuelan intoxicated with adulterated alcohol


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Feb 20, 2019

The Ministry of Public Health announced it will pick up the medical expenses tab of a Venezuelan seriously affected by adulterated alcohol during an excursion to Saona Island. The family had to pay RD$2.4 million in medical expenses for 34-year old Armando Medina. Medina spent two weeks in a coma after becoming intoxicated by the drink included in the Ata Excursiones package. Medina’s medical prognosis is reserved.

The Ministry of Public Health also canceled the company’s operating license and ordered the closing of the agency. As reported, the Ministry of Public Health has begun a lawsuit against Ata Excursiones.

Tourism Minister David Collado made a statement on the case. “The Dominican government will not tolerate the sale of illegal and adulterated alcohol in any establishment, and those who incur in this activity will feel the full weight of the law. The health and...

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Jan 12, 2017
Is it possible that this poor guy is the only victim of alcohol poisoning if they were selling it on a tour?
They weren't selling it; it comes included as part of the excursion. The alcohol on these excursions is horrible but I also think that there would have been others who were poisoned if the alcohol was tainted.


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May 15, 2003
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It all depends... If the drink he had did happen to come from a bottle that was incorrectly brewed, then he could had gotten sick whilst others did not. The fact is that they carried an investigation to uncover the bad liquor and found several bottles on those used to provide to the tourists on that group.

All it takes is one bad batch to create this problem when you have illegally made liquor.

The operators knew it was bootleg liquor and did nothing about it. In fact, they profited from it.

Food and drinks security has become e in a big issue in the country as of lately.

They have since adopted new measures targeting these events, and have been more active in tracing the people behind it.