Ministry of Tourism fines hotel with RD$1 million for violating health protocol


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Feb 20, 2019

Tourism Minister David Collado announced on his Twitter account on 30 September 2020 that the Riu Bambu is being fined RD$1 million for violating the health protocol. Hotels represented by the Association of Hotels & Tourism (Asonahores) and the Ministry of Tourism had agreed to the Covid-19 health protocol established in Resolution DJ-03/2020.

Collado said that the management of the hotel said the situation would not happen again. “The owners of the hotel apologized to the local authorities and the President of the Republic, and assured us that the situation presented last weekend will not happen again,” said Collado. He said if there is a repeat, the Ministry would close the resort.

Over the Mercedes Day long weekend, a video showing a packed hotel and people violating physical distancing and other protocols circulated on social media.

Collado said that over the long...
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