Minority party vote makes a difference


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Feb 20, 2019

Six minority parties helped Luis Abinader win in a first round. According to a report in N Digital, the minority parties that allied with the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) contributed the extra 3% that was essential to propel Abinader to a win on 5 July 2020. Polls had forecast he would win in a second round, if he did not making it in the 5 July election.

The PRM alone obtained 1,998,390 votes, for 48.70% of the valid votes cast. To win in the first round, 50% plus one vote is required. The additional 3.81% of the minority parties was equal to the vote of 129,186 votes provided by the Dominicanos por el Cambio (DxC), Frente Amplio, Humanista Dominicano, Revolucionario Social Demócrata, Alianza por la Democracia and País Possible political parties.

DxC contributed the most votes with 31,510 votes, 0.77%; Frente Amplio 27,264 (0.66%), PHD 29,227 (0.71%), PRSD...
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