Missing dogs.... feared stolen!!


Feb 27, 2006
Several dogs have recently gone missing from the Playa Laguna area in Sosua.

Two owners are desperate to be reunited with their pets who disappeared within the last two weeks:

Little "Jerry" is a male Chihuahua, not castrated, and he is quite shy and nervous.
Jerry looks just like this little chap -

The other dog, also male, not castrated, answers to the name of "Bruno". He is quite big with a squarish head, black, weighs between 65 - 70 lbs and has a lovely nature.
This photo is very close to how Bruno looks -

If you have any clues to where either dog may be, please get in touch or contact Asociaci?n De Amigos Por Los Animales De Sos?a, Inc., telephone 809 571 1167.

Many thanks.


May 22, 2004
I hope they recover them.

A yellow lab went missing in my neighborhood about a week ago. His name is Trotsky and is very friendly so he was probably picked up by someone.

He got out of the first floor apartment somehow. This happens frequently. Some people are very careless about thinking about the consequences of leaving doors unsecured, especially domestic employees.

On the same street a miniature boxer named Max was missing for about three weeks under similar circumstances about two months ago. He was recovered after the owners put an ad in the Liston Diario and somebody responded.

They had to negotiate with the person who found Max and pay to have him returned. Desgraciado...

mike l

Sep 4, 2007
Please be responsible with your pets as they are your babies!

Sorry for your loss and I hope you all find them.

There is a proposal to rid the streets of Sosua with wondering dogs which may be the offspring of your lost one!