Monsignor protests the impersonation of a priest


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Feb 20, 2019

Monsignor Victor Masalles, bishop of the diocese of Bani, blasted that a National Police officer posed as a priest to end the abduction of a woman and her daughter in Cotuí. The kidnapper had asked to speak to a priest. The impersonation ended in tragedy, with the policeman shooting the man to put an end to the situation.

The Police said they a real priest was not called in because they feared his life would be at risk. “The man was not up to turning himself in,” he was pointing a gun at the mother and child and “we had to act,” argued the police.

Masalles tweeted, asking if in the future a person would ask to see a priest?

The dead man is José Antonio Reyes Uyola (El Gordo), who resided in the municipality of Maimón, province of Monseñor Nouel. According to the Police, Reyes was involved in shooting a 17-year-old boy before abducting the woman and her daughter.

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