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MONTECRISTI: Government delivers RD $ 3 million to farmers

HATO DEL MEDIO, Montecristi. - The government delivered 3 million 738 thousand 300 pesos to producers here for the purchase of a truck and a tractor with its harrow, fulfilling the pledged word of President Danilo Medina during the Surprise Visit 226 of October 28, 2018.

These producers are grouped in the Hato del Medio Villa Elisa Cattlemen's Association, formed by 90 members and have some 40 thousand tasks of cattle vocation.

Thousands of other tasks are planted with pastures and more than 15,000 agricultural jobs with short cycle crops such as corn, plantain, cassava, beans, fruit trees, among others.

The delivery of the resources was led by the director of the Dominican Agrarian Institute (IAD), Emilio Toribio Olivo, who highlighted the work that has been done in the area since the Surprise Visit 226.

The director of the IAD said that the lagoons are already being built, two buses were delivered to the students that go to the Juliana Esperanza Ramírez High School, to the Educational Center-Basic School of Villa Elisa and to the students of the Educational Center Los Derramaderos and Liceo Anastacio de Jesús .

"Surprise visits leave problems solved, not only productive, but community, everything that the head of state promised that Sunday will be fulfilled, keep it for sure," said Toribio Olivo.

The official said that there are already 10 Surprise Visits to this province, where 74 productive and community projects have been developed, with an investment that exceeds 1,200 million pesos.

The communities that will benefit from the purchase of these agricultural equipment are Villa Lobos, Villa Elisa, Villa Vásquez, La Guajaca, Hatillo Palma, Jaibón, Laguna Salada, Guayacanes, Guayubín, Ranchadero, and El Posito, with more than 16 thousand inhabitants.

Felix Colon, president of the Association thanked Danilo Medina for all the support offered and asked God to give him long life and health to continue supporting the country's producers.

"The cattlemen of the country are grateful to have a president like Danilo Medina, who has the people of the countryside as his priority in his government," said Colón.

Present also in the activity the governor of the province Marcos Jorge; the syndics of Guayubín and Villa Elisa, Humberto Bretón and Víctor José Crespo, respectively.

Likewise, the deputy director of the General Directorate of Livestock in the region, Persio Almánzar, as well as representatives of other official and provincial entities.