Montecristi has a renovated central park


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Feb 20, 2019

Tourism Minister David Collado was in Montecristi for the inauguration of the renovated Parque Duarte, the northwestern city’s historic city park. The Ministry of Tourism’s Tourist Zone Infrastructure Execution Committee (CEIZTUR) funded RD$35,616,215.21 to renovate the 4,935 square meter park.

Collado explained the renovation is part of the efforts by the Ministry of Tourism to promote the development of the northwestern Montecristi province as a tourist destination.

The intervention of the park included the renovation of the iconic metal structure of the Montecristi Clock Tower, as well as its commissioning, as a focal point of the park. The clock tower is regarded as a monument of great historical value and an architectural jewel of the Dominican Republic.

As part of the reconstruction, the sidewalks and curbs and the exterior fence were...

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