More Haitians than Before

the gorgon

Sep 16, 2010
i was on a bus one afternoon and this old timer was holding centerstage about the Haitian affair, telling anyone who would listen that there would be more Haitians coming into the DR than before, because the whole affair presented a golden opportunity for coyotes to bring them in at a fee. what he said was that construction guys and other businessmen who relied on menial laborers were going to pay coyotes per head to keep the labor supply status quo. i thought it was novel thinking, but maybe he was right

read this article, and judge for yourself

Bishop says Haitians are coming ?more than ever?

Santo Domingo.- Mao-Montecristi (northwest) diocese bishop Diomedes Espinal on Monday said more Haitians are entering the country than before, including those who had returned voluntarily when the government plan to register immigrants concluded.

"They continue to work on farms, in livestock and agriculture. Everything goes smoothly, " said the also president of the Dominican Catholic Church?s Pastoral for Migrants.

"We are now seeing increased immigration of Haitians, because I think that many of the Haitians who went voluntarily (Haiti) was to take what they had in case, and are returning (to Republic Dominican)."

"These days we?re seeing more Haitians arrive maybe more than before. I know because I drive around all the roads and alleys and I see Haitians arriving daily," the prelate said.


Sep 27, 2006
mao-montecristi? it's like forming an opinion about the number of hos in DR after visiting sosua. one, this area is close to the border and two, it has quite a lot of agriculture. there was always a large number of haitians there. the road from navarrete to montecristi has police checks for that specific reason.