More threats in the air

El Hijo de Manolo

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Dec 10, 2021
Dominican Republic
This happened on one of my flights a while back JFK to Santo Domingo. We received a jet fighter escort to Dulles because of some rowdy DR "young men" grabbing and pushing female flight crew.


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Jan 20, 2003
Technically it wasn’t a fight, but a few years ago before getting in a Jetblue heading for STI there were a few guys making fun of everybody that was waiting by the gate. Time comes to enter and sit, look and behold the flight is delayed. I don’t know if it was DEA or some other institution, but a bunch of other guys enter the plane and arrested the bunch making fun of everybody. They were escorted through the stairs right by the jet bridge, so everyone on the A line got a view of the arrested guys escorted to police cars on the tarmac. lol

Ah, karma express. lol

In all likelihood they were arrested due to drugs. Whatever took then was nice enough to hace their luggage that went through the belt taken out of the airplane and that added to the delay.

What a way to start a flight!
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