Most parents want their children back in school


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Feb 20, 2019

A poll carried out nationwide by Business Action for Education (Educa) reveals that 59.53% of parents back the full or partial return to classrooms, complying with health protocols. Only 40.47% responded: “No, I prefer that they do not return to the classrooms.”

Parents of private schools (pre-school through high school) have led the national campaign for a return to classes. Yet, the Educa poll reveals that the parents of the poor are those most in favor of their children returning to in-person learning. Only 30% of parents of children in public schools reject that their children return to school. Parents with low education themselves do not feel adequate to help their children to gain from the distance learning programs.

The Ministry of Education has not indicated the guidelines for returning to school. Likewise, the Dominican Association of Public School...

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bob saunders

Jan 1, 2002
Our private school caters mainly to the working poor. Yes, a good percentage of our clients are willing to put their children back in classrooms, in fact most are pretty close to demanding it. Right now we are doing one to one tutoring in our house, lower level not occupied, but that is limited to around 12 children at a time and only for kinder to grade one, with a few learning disability children from grade two and three. All the rest are doing distance learning. Many parents are willing to pay more for their children to get one on one tutoring but as my wife explains, money is not the issue, government rules and safety are the issues. We fortunately once the government gives the go ahead , have the room and hygienic capabilities to operate.


Jun 19, 2009
Certainly that is part of it. When you have two working parents, or a single mom that has to work they want their children in a safe place.

Also Social Interactions with other children -and other adults other than relatives- is important for young children.
Learning at home is different then learning in school (and I say that as a parent who has access to the latest technology, fast internet and can help my children in any subject).


Jun 24, 2006
Parents use schools as their babysitter. They can't deal with their kids at home. I dont blame them, trying to work and take care of those rugrats will drive anyone crazy. The school is a solution to solve their problems. It's not about education, its about peace at home,

Instead of dominican society..ex. businesses.. helping with the situation (ex. working parents with kids can enter later or leave earlier or have a rotating schedule etc so parents can watch their kids if needed), businesses her demand that the parents go to work. they dont think twice about what is happening at home.. They only think about the $$$. They dont realize the situation at home. Thus, parents throw all their problems on schools (they cant do that at work for fear of losing their jobs).

These are the same parents that wanted a cut in tuition for not "using the grounds" or buildingss or what not.. Hello? Are you paying for an education or for a hotel room? Many "upper class" school are following the same curriculum that the do at school except online. The kids will finishe with their diploma and will be eligible to go to universities anywhere they want. Thats what they pay for..that piece of paper. Where else do they go to demand lower prices at private companies?

Anyway, the poorer set in public schools are going to be the hardest hit in terms of education. It would have been better to reopen schools after teachers got their vaccinations.