moto scammers

Danny W

Mar 1, 2003
I was driving north on Charles De Gaulle the other day. As I pass 2 guys on motos, one of them kicks the side of my car, then pulls over like I hit him. His friend chases me on his moto and says something about my hitting his friend and needing a doctor, and that i should turn around and go back - I couldn't really understand him. When that didn't work, the "injured" guy chases me down pointing to a non existing injury to his leg. I pulled into the La Sirena parking and when the guy pulled up next to me I told him i didn't speak Spanish and was looking for a cop to tell me what to do. Amazingly his injury must have healed, because he turned aroung and took off. - D


Jan 8, 2002
Food for thought:

I may have reacted the same as you, a conditioned response cultivated from an ordered society.

If you knew the moto had only kicked the side of your car, why did you stop? It would have safer for you just to continue driving rather than stop in La Sirena and also risk an assault. The motos would have eventually tired of following you.

When you are out and about on the island you have to change your mindset to be Dominican streetwise and act accordingly for self-survival. ....and someday I will reach that plain provided I can adjust my behavior. It takes time.

Regards, PJT


Moderator - East Coast & Headline News
Dec 9, 2002
No, Danny is right, it's a well-known scam. The same thing happened to my husband a couple of weeks ago. He thinks they backed off once they realised he was not a foreigner.



Jan 23, 2002
adrianb said:
I suspect you did something it sounds like you didn't realise.

This doesn't sound normal.

Sounds like normal behaviour for a despicable lowlife scam artist criminal, of which there are certainly plenty.

I suspect that the only thing Danny did wrong was stop for this loser.

If I lived in the DR, I would only drive old beaten vehicles so I would not care if some idiot kicked it or accidently got run over.

Danny W

Mar 1, 2003
adrianb - There is no way I hit him. He was at least 2 feet to the right of the car, and I was almost completely past him. Before it happend, I saw the 2 guys swing around to position themselves and wondered what they were doing. I was hard to miss - a gringo in a bright red rental car.

After spending the holiday week commuting from Boca Chica to Sabana Perdida on Charles DeGaulle almost every day I have gained a lifetime of experience. I'm a seasoned New York City driver - but the chaos in SD takes the cake. I realized that it's not a question of IF I will have an accident, but when! - D


Jan 1, 2002
IUt's been said before

But IF you do, don't stop!. Go to the nearest Police Station and report it. But first make sure your lawyer, your company and your family knows what is happening.

A lot of people go straight to a medical clinic and complain of chest pains so that they are hospitalized until the furor is over..

Just make sure you have as much insurance as you can afford.