Motor stolen, but fishermen find safety boat from Sosua Online


Jul 10, 2004
"Fishermen find safety boat
Several months ago an outboard motor was stolen from a fishing boat in the harbour at Charamicos. This was a real disaster for the fishermen and their families, because they couldn't fish along the coast without the engine to the fishing boat.

Unfortunately all fishermen here need to go further out from the coast in order to catch decent fish that they can sell, because there is so much pollution around the mouth of the river Sos?a. But now the fishermen have had some good luck - they've found one of the safety boats from a cruise ship. Apparently this one fell off the cruise ship about a month ago during heavy seas. So the delighted fishermen have towed the safety boat to the harbour at Charamicos. According to maritime salvage law, they have the right to demand 50% of the value of the boat. This is a nice reward, but the fishermen are hoping that they will be allowed to keep the boat, which would be a nice compensation for the stolen motor."
Source: Sos?a Online

Are the marine salvage laws set up so that someone finding a lost boat has the right to 50%? Hopefully they can at least get another engine for their boat.

The extreme pollution mentioned around the Sosua river and recent reports by some swimmers seeing sewage in the bay is a cause for concern.