motorcycles from USA into the Dominican Republic?


Mar 27, 2004
On my last vacation while in the Santo Domingo area , I spotted a car that had License plates from Puerto Rico, I asked a friend of mine who lives in the country and he told me that he has seen this before there . He said that what they do is take there car across on the ferry from Puerto Rico into Santo Domingo, and that he has seen Americans with motorcycles who also have even taken the ferry from Miami into Puerto Rico , and then take the other ferry from Puerto Rico into Santo Domingo. My question is , can you do this? bring say your motorcycle over there if you were going to be there for a few weeks? I mean I would love to do something like that , but wouldnt they say something if you had say new york license plates on your bike? or is it all good ? any help on this? would they stop you from entering the country?