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Dec 11, 2003
The U.S. Embassy in Santo Domingo informs U.S. citizens visiting the Dominican Republic there has been an increase in armed robbery against U.S. citizens arriving at Las Americas International Airport near Santo Domingo during the evening hours. Criminals impersonating police are stopping travelers along various highways after they depart the airport. Some of these incidents have been violent as the assailants used gunfire to pull over vehicles which failed to respond to the flashing lights. The gunmen forced the occupants out of their vehicles and robbed them of valuables. In some incidents, travelers staying in private residences instead of hotels are followed to where they will be staying and attacked and robbed as they try to enter the premises.

While no U.S. citizens have been killed during these robberies, the U.S. Embassy has received reports of several injuries. These incidents have occurred at night and in either private vehicles or public taxis. It is currently unknown how the victims are targeted and whether they are identified within the terminal. U.S. citizens arriving at the Las Americas International Airport should take necessary precautions, or consider scheduling arrival times during the daylight hours.

The Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy is located at the corner of Calle César Nicolás Penson and Avenida Máximo Gómez. The American Citizens Services (ACS) Unit can be reached by telephone at 809-731-4294, or via email at ACS Unit office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday, Friday 7:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., except on U.S. and Dominican holidays. The Chancery of the U.S. Embassy is located a quater-mile away from the Consular Section, at the corner of Calle César Nicolás Penson and Calle Leopoldo Navarro. The telephone number is 809-221-2171.
I was caught in a group fraud in Santiago involving a Texaco station which said it took the Amex card, then tried to run it through an ATH transfer box... they gave the card back... and said to call the bank.. so I hightailed it out of there. Was chased to somewhere around a big intetersection where about 50 people surrounded the car... some insisting that they were police (in uniforms with guns but no official ids)...with the guy from the Texaco station insisting that I had to return to pay the 1800 pesos in gas. I said i was willing to go proceeded and followed by a police car but would not open the door to let an armed man into the car.

After about an hour... by which time they had one cop wannabe with a night stick in through the driver's window... they had to smash a window in the back since it was the middle of the day and me and my dog were really in danger since it was too hot to run the ac. Then I was taken in a more official police car to the fiscaleria of Santiago.. where I was held for five days... in a Trujillo style cell with no running water or toilet or lights

From there I was transferred fo the psych wing of the public hospital , put under heavy medication and finally released today after 8 days into the custody of my nephew who flew in from Puerto Rico.

While I was pretty frightened, I also felt that there were guards who were on my side and that I was never in mortal danger. (although I was relieved when one of the guards at night promised to shoot me if I could not stand it anymore.

Please note that I am sure that I was getting extraspecial attention because I am credentiallied press with my press card out of the United Nations and I have accused the government here of narcotrafficking. I turned all my papers and directions into the US Consular Services before I left SD. And as a journalist I was well aware of the dangers facing me. But I have worked all my life to become credentialed press and I knew once I had information about narcotrafficking here and did not print something, I either had to be prepared to die or cut up my press card and move.

And, since I am already 65, I felt this was a stand I was willing to take.

None the less... Since I have lived here for almost 8 years and travelled almost the entire country... And have NEVER seen or heard of such an organized operation,

But the parking lot in Santiago DAs office was full of cars which most likely been "acquired" in such a fashion.

So by this means I wish to officially inform the US Embassy that I am fine but that they should extend this warning to Santiago as well.

Right now, I could only recommend tourism inside the all included resorts.

As I said before, the US Embassy has no facilities to do anything except to call someone inside the United States.

I believe that they can help a stranded US citizen to return to the US but do not have actual information on what they can do.

As I have done before, I wish to warn any foreign citizens who are here, particularly those with children, that there is NO protection here from any sort of US military or intervention.

I remember when I first started posting here when Ginny was still with us eight years ago and I asked her why she felt so safe here and she said that she thought that in case of crisis the United States would protect them.... Ginny was British and had been here for 12 years before I go here -- and was operating perhaps under more of a Cold War mentality. I just want to underline for any foreign residents who may be here thinking that they are under some sort of implicit protection from the USA that no such protection is availale.

The Dominican Republic is an independent nation. The United States has no armed forces here officially and cannot offer any protection.

Please make your travel or retirement or second home investments with this information.

And many thanks to all the DR1ers who held me in their prayers... Thanks expecially to JR and AE and Frank who checked in with me after Las Terrenas before Santiago. I am fine, in a nice hotel with my nephew,,, and resting to return to SD tomorrow.

My dog has been delivered to friends and freedom in LT... where she will live in freedom and happiness with a friend who has two little dogs like her and who will train her to ride on the handlebars of her pasola. This is what Iko wished.... I am proud and pleased to report that she crawled through the bars in the cell to share my imprisonment. WHAT a DOG!! officially a shihpoo.... born in SD este. You should be so blessed.

I will decide my personl plans from there.


Nov 9, 2006
You were released TODAY? I had to read that a couple of times. Very glad you are ok. And sorry to hear of your troubles.


Jun 19, 2009
WOWWWWWW !!!!!!!!

Glad you are OK !!

All the best and get some well deserved rest !!


Mar 24, 2011
~MA...Happy to hear you are safe and well....blessings have been bestowed!!! will continue to pray for your safety!!


Aug 15, 2007
I was caught in a group fraud in Santiago involving a Texaco station which said it took the Amex card, then tried to run it through an ATH transfer box...

...I will decide my personl plans from there.
I hope MA is well, but am concerned. Two weeks ago we got this email:

I am sorry to have to report that I was caught in the house scam that was posted here by either Pix or Nals.. I thought I had engaged in an honest contract with a landlord in Las Terrenas but every time I went back to the Capital, my apartment was made more insecure so that in the end I had to abandon it at night after they turned off the water and electricity.

Fortunately, since I am the Press, the Embassy had my back and the manager was a double agent and I was only mildly frightened. The Politur office in Las Terrenas is closed,

However, I must warn Amerincans and foreigners that Las Terrenas is the President's Private reserve .. which he has sold to France.. who have, now. in turn sold to Russia, Since Dominicans were more interested in money than freedom, and since they wanted money so much that they sold their vote, and since they love prostitution and gambling, it was sold to highest bidder. It was sold by Brugal, Jimenez, and all the elite famies.. who think perhaps that they will be allowed to stay in the interior and keep the creme sugar to themselves and keep the creama. Perhaps they do not know that Moscow is the most expensive city in the world and that the Soviets have already built buildings higher than the US Embassy. Prehaps they think that they are just running another con on the train to Albany on the gringa.

The American Embassy is withdrawing from the country and will shortly be issuing orders for all non essential personnel and Embassy families to evacuate the nation. It will remove and close the Peace Corps. It will be informing the docents to inform registered Americans. Any foreigners who were counting on American protection should be advised that they do not have it. They will have Moscow.

The Russians already have built buildings here bigger than the US Embassy.

The United States will be recalling its fleet from the world and only protecting its only coastline and Puerto Rico.

So I have been informed.

Since the nation was for sale to the highest bidder, Moscow has bought it.

Act accordingly.

There are no more Politur in Las Terrenas

Any foreigners who were counting on American protection will not have it

I assumed Annie had gotten her account jacked, or that her honorable activities were starting to really catch up to the not-so-honorable crowd.

Annie, my hopes and prayers are with you. Hope everything works out.


Jun 3, 2006
I am glad you are OK. Thanks for posting your story. Good luck to you in the future.


Sep 27, 2011
This on top of recent posts, events, stories from MA life is quite unbelievable at times, isn't it, what a crazy (excuse the pun) few months you are having. I wish you well and wish your good health on all levels. I think there are a couple on here genuinely offering you a helping hand, it is sometimes a good thing in life to have people around you like this, even better to take them up on it when you need it.
all the best!


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May 27, 2012
There is a problem i saw when in the D.R the place has been divided into colonial style mapping where every syndicate has a territory to run the ones that own most of the territory Samana (French Mafia), Punta Cana (Italian Mafia), Puerto Plata (Italian Mafia) are non-other then the Italians, French, and now the Russians are coming in heavy buying up property then controlling the market economy from Prostitution to gambling and off course illegal trade.

Annie im glad to hear your okay we shall keep you in our prayers and thanx 4 the heads up

Rafael Perez

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Oct 21, 2007
Im glad that MA is doing fine. I wish her the best and to be very careful not to step into a tub of hotwater. I feel very sad about what MA and that email is mentioning about what;s happening in DR and what Zulu just mentioned above, yet so many of my people arent aware of this sh*t happening. I see that DR is better off being in the bottom of the sea.....Forgive me my family. T-T

La Rubia

Jan 1, 2010
So sorry to hear of your toubles, so glad you're back in control of your destiny.

Wish you the best in the next chapter of your life, whatever it may be.

I'll be waiting for the novel form of your story. It's worth telling.


Nov 2, 2006
Let me get this straight.

You filled up at a Texaco filling station and tried to pay with your AMEX card. Your AMEX card didn't work so you "hightailed" it out of there?

Well in my book, that's known as THEFT! No wonder you were arrested!

How long have you been here? You must know by now, AMEX is virtually useless in this country. The only way I know of getting money from AMEX is through Banco Progresso. But very few Visanet or Cardnet terminals accept it.

I have had instances when my card wouldn't work at a filling station. I have left some kind of collateral or an ID and gone off and got the cash. Not a drama.


Dec 14, 2008
Several Qs

If I understood it correctly MA was held for EIGHT days?
Without a judge's order?
Was she able to communicate with a lawyer?
On what grounds was she put in a cell?
Was she given meds without her consent?
Did a judge hear her case?



Sep 27, 2011
If this is any more than what several including myself are thinking yet not saying then I think beezas post answers yours.
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