Moving furniture from Puerto Plata to Sosua area


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May 24, 2005
Anyone have any current recommendations on who to use and how?

Not interested in driving myself, want to rent a guy with at least one, or preferably two, helpers to load and unload plus a truck large enough to move 2 sofas, 2 dining tables, desk, 12 chairs, small bed, fridge, stove, pictures, loads of small stuff, washing machine, prams, baby crib, bicycle--so not just a pick up truck piled high, it will need something a bit bigger.

Please reply if you have any factual information or recent experience.

La Profe_1

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Oct 15, 2003
When my dentists are here, I use a Tecni-Carga driver called "El Mudancero. His name is Victor, he has closed trucks which are larger than pick-ups and he has helpers available to load and unload. If you want his cell phone number, send me a PM.