Moving to the DPR in the fall


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Apr 6, 2008
After having traveled to the DPR many times I have decieded to sell my house in Canada and live there in the winters and come back to Canada to work for the summers.
I have been looking at real estate to buy in Cabarete and have talked to a couple of different real estate agents.
I am flying down on the 9th of May for 2 weeks to check things out farther.
I am in my mid forties and single and I am thinking about buying a small business. I have read lots on this fantasitc site and I was just wondering if there is any paticular advice or do not's and what areas I should stay away from when it comes to the Cabarete area. Thanks in advance Steve

Adrian Bye

Jul 7, 2002
Nobody is offended, its just funny.

If you've been here many times and are still calling it the DPR, you're probably not that integrated into what is going on. Therefore the standard advice applies; live here at least 6 months before buying either a house or business, take things slow, etc, etc.


Jan 1, 2002
DOM if you want to go Olympic....DR if not...

I agree with AdrianB: Go really slow. Remember the very hackneyed phrase:
If you want to take a million out of the Dominican Republic, come down with three or four million... Or words to that effect.



Aug 15, 2007
First, welcome to DR1!

My advice, ColdC, is to take the sage advice of AdrianB and Hillbilly on this. Their suggestions are spot on.

Good luck to you.:glasses:


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Feb 21, 2008
ColdC Another welcome to the DR!

First decide where you want to live as that will have a dramatic effect on any choices you make after that. Live in the tourist areas and prices are higher but services are a little better (however everything is relative).

Business choice you will need to be careful what you decide, remember just because you were successful there does not mean success here. Network as much as you can the old saying "its not what but who you know" is a truism.

Learn to speak Dominican not the same as Spanish it has some subtle differences.
Hillbilly got the sentiment right if the words a little wrong. "if you want to make a small fortune in the DR make sure you bring a big one"
or "A man with money but no experience meets a man with experience and no money. short time later man with money gets experience and man with experience gets the money."

Trust no-one and especially Dominicans who appear to have no job but speak good english some make a living out of conning ex pats. Remember everything here is slower and takes longer. Money can speed things up but be very selective. Read and take all advice even the bad stuff then apply copious amounts of common sense.

Always have a quick exit plan and cash available at short notice.

Read all the posts you can find from the following people....Hillbilly, Lambada, AnnaC and if you have a strong constitution AZB they will give you the truth as it is here.
AZB is as Politically incorrect as they come but a wise and experienced poster. The others more refined but just as experienced.

If you are still on track after that then good luck and dont rush to change the single status its a whole new world here take some time to enjoy it.