Moving to the DR, concerned with immigration


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Sep 15, 2002
Hello all,
well, the time is almost here for me to make a move to the dr. However, one thing has been a little bit worrying for me and I'm really angry at myself for not voiceing it much much earlier.

I'll be staying in a small village in the Monte Plate region. I am sure I'll be staying there for more that 3 months and I know that a tourist visa lasts that long. I also know I can renew my tourist visa, but for how long AM I able to renew my visa? And will I be getting anyone I'm associated with in the DR in trouble as I continue to renew my visa?

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Nov 4, 2002
Overstaying your visa is really not a big deal. If you overstay you will be assesed a smal fine when you leave the country. I am not aware of any limits for the number of time you can renew your visa.


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Jan 2, 2002
Once they had stopped me for over staying at puerto plata airport. They wanted like 65 pesos fine. I told him I wasn't going to pay, cracked a joke and walked away.
But that was many years ago. Now they will charge you a fine (maybe a few dollars) and you will be home free. No big deal at all. I know tourists who have overstayed many years beyond the 90 days period.


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Jan 9, 2002
When they set up a booth just for this purpose

AZB said:
I know tourists who have overstayed many years beyond the 90 days period.
You know they are not falling over themselves deporting people who overstay. There are oodles of retirees that always overstay 90 days every winter.

My buddy left after 22 months, so some 581 days overstay and paid as I reacall around 300 RD$, so at todays rates that was $12 or $13 US. Beats the cost of leaving and returning every 90 days in tourist cards alone.