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Apr 13, 2009
Hello DR1 forum:D
I'll soon be moving to the DR and being the music geek that I am I've been scouring the internet, trying to learn about the local music scene. I'll be living in Santo Domingo, can anyone tell me about the local live shows? I'm looking for anything, and want to learn about it all. Styles, venues from large to small, frequency/ability to find a good show.

Also, I would love to find some record shops (vinyl, not CDs) to dig. I'm looking for stuff that I can't find in the states. Stuff that I can chill to, dance to, mix, and stuff that will help my (future) students (second graders) and I learn about their culture.

Mr. Lu

Mar 26, 2007
There's a few things going on here and there, scattered around the city, mostly in the Colonial Zone, but I think what you are looking for is not as available in SD. There are a few websites that dedicate themselves to the music scene in the city and also nightlife, (Uepa, Bonche, Bufeo, 809k etc), but a real real scene like a jazz/blues or even poetry scene is sorely missing in this city, especially since there are great musicians scattered around.

A majority of the new sounds focus on Electronic and Dance, with a lot of new DJ's exploring this genre. Very few reggae bands, though there are some. There is also a lot of underground hip hop, but the clubs aren't proper hip hop clubs.

Part of the problem is that people tend to stick to what they know, Merengue, Bachata and Salsa and don't explore (for a variety of reasons) different genres. There is also the fact of Payola, which is huge here, and how older artists do very little to promote newer artists/vibe.

As per the records you can comb through the Colonial Zone for some antique shops, as well as Gazcue, which is one of the older neighborhoods in the SD. Villa Consuelo and Villa Juana are also places where you might be able to find some hidden treasures. I have noticed that there aren't any real mom and pop shops in SD that do the Vynil thing, where as most of the music media here is digital, people downloading or buying off the street.

I trust there are some gold nuggets out there, just a matter of digging your heals. And I might be wrong, so if anyone has any more concrete leads, let me know. I m a music FIEND..... jajajajj a

Mr. Lu

J D Sauser

Nov 20, 2004
Once you'll have had the questionable pleasure to witness how people in this country take "care" of their CD's you will definitely not want to see any of their vinyl records.., IF you find any.
It may strike as interesting, that in a country which is rated as quite a bit behind, most people won't even remember the mere historical existence of vinyl records. Even the "poor" now have an imitation i-pod or something loud and big to play their CD's (the few which still DO play). Cell phones HAVE to have the capability to play music, even when most don't have a computer to download some from... they blue tooth them among friends from one phone to the other.

I wished you would be "digging" hillbilly, western swing and early rockabilly vinyl and shellac records to unload about a 1000 I still own and don't play anymore on'ya. :D

... J-D.


Jan 12, 2007
Mr. Lu, interesting and informative post. Who are the great musicians scattered around?