Musicians Near Las Terrenas


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Apr 25, 2005
I am searching for capable musicians. I am a bassist, drummer, singer and studying / aspiring guitarist who is interested in putting together a guitar duo or band for the purpose of playing hotels, resorts and bars. My intention is to create 3 one-hour sets of contemporary hits and classic covers. The people I am searching for should be capable musicians and be able to sing backups at the least. I own sufficient equipment to practice with and have practice space available - and even a small bar where we can try out our sets in front of a small amicable crowd.

I am currently putting material together so I can do this solo with a PC, but figured I would at least try first to make it a band - as I had MUCH fun playing in bands in the US.

There is probably not a comfortable living to made at this, but with the connections I have already made and with a little effort there is business and much fun that can be had around the island.

Please PM me if interestd.

Thank You,