My Bayahibe Excursion


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Sep 1, 2004
Took a ride to Bayahibe the other day. I had heard so many good things about it and wanted to check it out. My sister-in-law had a job interview at the Wyndham resort, so my wife and I agreed to drive from SD with her. I always enjoy these road trips, as long as I'm behind the wheel, especially when it not my car, or gas. The resort has alot of construction going on, lots of houses outside of the hotel being built, a beautiful community of homes, but no Dominicans! We couldn't get past the high walls of the resort itself, but I imagined it must be beautiful inside. They've constructed this artificial little town with a whole street of tourist shops and tourists strolling up and down, but no Dominicans! We finally settled down by the horse stables and a little canteen where the help hang out, way, way, way in the back. Where the buses load up to take the workers away, and brings them in at shift change. My sister-in-law was told to wait on a bench, until they would see her, but after waiting for 3 hours, she decided she had had enough of the way they seem to regard resort workers. We slipped past security onto the beach, hadn't seen so many white people since we've been here, looked like Jones Beach at the beginning of summer, back in NY. Is this what some people think the DR is like? It was weird couldn't wait to get out of there. On the drive back we found a little beach, just west of La Romana called La Caleta, we pooled our money and came up with 90 pesos, just enough for 3 fried fish, an LP (large Yani Queque), and 1 Coke to share between us. Great little Dominican beach, complete with 3 dogs begging for scrapes at our white plastic table, and the local kid with his arm in a cast asking for money. It felt like home. Bayahibe is nice but couldn't wait to get back to Santo Domingo, it's starting to feel like home.