My chica keeps telling me she loves me


Nov 17, 2004
Dear Dr. Badpiece,

my chica keeps telling me she loves me and wants to be with me through thick and thin. Yet every time I check her Facebook profile she keeps adding tigre after tigre as friends, foreign and domestic. Now some of those tigres are sending ME friend requests.

She has also signed up for every single dating website that is out there but tells me it's just to socialize.


1) Is she someone I can trust?

2) Do you think I can get a case of virtual herpes from logging on to her Facebook page?


Sorry guys but I was being held captive all weekend until my good buddies Escott and Rellosk were able to get me away from my female kidnappers. Thank God they kept me in Sosua and not some rat hole in Boca Chica. Now back to the original question. Yes I do think your chica does love you but she is so full of Love that you cant give her enough in return, so she must share her Love with some others, As for her friends on facebook, this is the perfect opportunity to fish in her little pond of friends so that if she ever needs to be put on the bench you can always replace her with one her hot girlfriends from facebook, This also has a way of keeping her in line when she sees all the women you can have if she doesnt act correct. In the end guys we must all learn to play by different rules while in DR.