My Interesting Experience


william webster

I want to visit my UK daughter this summer... $$$ time to travel to Europe , I know.
But REALLY $$$

I booked points over and tried to buy back...
the return - 1 way - was $2000...
So - points over - then hotel- then $2000 back...

No Go Joe.... my daughter was ticked.

I got to thinking..
Those air/hotel packages do not acknowledge seasonal flight increases
They use 'bulk fare prices'

I called AA Vacations...
asked for flight and said I wanted to be near the Gloucester underground station for a hotel

the girl produced 2-3 choices....

all +/- $2000

I booked for $1917... air /Hotel.
Added my ugrade seat -- free drinks/food and preboarding... $103 each way.
I pay $68 each way POP - EWR on United and get n o drinks/food nor boarding

I don't like AA much.. but I have good times... exit row seats....the works

Use the package deal if/when you can... saves a bundle ... on any airline

I won't bore you w/ how I figured that out... it was 25 yrs ago


Did you check TUI Belgium from POP to Brussels? Then Eurostar from Brussels to London. Very easy and cheap. That was how I did it last time I flew to the UK.

Flights to POP are on Sundays. and I just did cursory check, seats are available for around 299 euro each way.

Eurostar is one station from BRU airport. Journey takes two hours and can be as little as 50 euros.

william webster

I am PHL - LHR...5 days with hotel for that number beeza.... $1917 + seats

the flights will be about your numbers... as opposed to thousands each way
and I have my bed/hotel in it!!!