My Local Worker

william webster

Jan 16, 2009
I'm sure every neighborhood has one....
Colorful, almost successful , never a failure, likeable guy - a Mr In-Between
Ever present smile, affable... available for work at the snap of your fingers.

Nekko... is mine.

Nekko goes off/on drinking
which coincides with his philandering
which coincides with whether his wife is living in or out
which coincides with his church attendance

Great guy...we're all sympathetic....there but for the Grace of God....

Recently, he got new work and announced he would never work in the sun again.... nunca

A restaurant job,,, cutting something.... he was thrilled
rarely, he gets full time work.

Mr Part Time is what he is..... like Terry Thomas
so busy doing little things , he has no time for full time....

We have taken to calling him ...Sr Chef....

I asked recently about the indoor job
Oh no.... he says... that work is for women....mujeres !!

A life shift - I sense

Since my main man is off sick that week , I ask if he remembers how to use a machete
Si - Si - y el trimmer tambien.... he replies confidently

I comment that he's getting a bit blanco with no sun.... would he work outside if I gave him work in the shade??
Si - Si -- again he answers
I even throw in a breeze to sweeten the deal

You see ---
in this current time of abstinence, he has acquired a new moto... a slick one
must be making those daily payments... resonsibilidades he has now.... a new thing for him

He does my work as asked and does it well... 500 pesos/daily

a week or so later,
we need to strengthen our fence line

Nekko... ayuda por favor

he calculates 150 posts needed....
OK -- where will we get them?
I'm on it... Nekko says

Sure enough... 1 day later , we have the location of where to cut our posts

Odd thing about RD...
you want those posts and are actually cleaning up a man's fence line by cutting them
yet the owner charges for that knowing you have the need of those posts - which are otherwise garbage

500 pesos again for that cutting privilege .... forestry rights it's considered I rationalize

They arrive this morning to start.

In less than 4 hrs, he and the other man have cut those posts and arranged for a truck to deliver to them to my fence.
They spread the load along the work line and took off for lunch

Lazy goddam Dominicans -- huh ?? (as many here say)

You just need to know what you're doing and with whom you're dealing with

Living here can be so easy some days.....baffles me.

I'm still looking for that best worker.... I hear about him all the time - in glowing terms

Manuel..... Manuel Labor...
If anybody sees him - have him contact me

william webster

Jan 16, 2009
well, RD life is a tough one to predict.... I had an inkling... but

Our boy Nekko finished the day y'day... cutting the posts and starting the install portion
in the heat of the afternoon sun

I mentioned he like indoor or shade work
I mentioned he had gotten a bit 'blanco'
I mentioned he recently dove into debt for his moto.

All true

But , it turns out the 500 peso wage wasn't to his liking - or was it the sun?
or was it the hard work?
started at 8:30 am... 2 hrs off for lunch and finished the day at 4:15pm thereabouts
Nope 500 pesos didn't cut it

I mentioned Mr In-Between...
Yup - women's work in a kitchen doesn't fit
Men's work in the field/sun doesn't work

Stuck -- like too old for girls and too young for women

Bye bye Nekko

I was doing a favor - or so I thought

Motoconcho life is what he'll try now - I suppose

He remains the character of the vecinario.... we all understand

As is usual in Dominican life - never any hard feeelings
freedom of choice is alive and well

his work was filled with one call in 5 minutes .... life goes on


what would I do in the real world????

remind to tell you about Klem Kadiddlehopper in Canada fixing my snazzy car.
Right out of the Beverly Hillbillies.....

life comes at you FAST !!!!!