My Mom is sick in USA with kidney failure...


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Jul 9, 2006
Medical problem..I have been traveling to the Dominican Republic for 9 years and usually am there at least 1 -2 weeks a month and have made some solid friendships!
I do not have my residency..

The problemMy mom has been diagnosed with kidney failure about a year ago which was caused by her diabetes.. Noone in our family is a Type B blood, match and In the United States you must wait on a waiting list and the average list is about 4 years. My mom is 71 years old and has been in Dialysis for 11 months and is getting worse. :ermm:

Possible solution?I called all of my friends and some of my friends are the same blood type match
however one of theese friends is saying, "he is willing to help by donating his kidney whenever we need it." He has a wife, child, he owns a house, bank account but doesnt currently, own a car". He just told me his credit is not good and he owes 60,000 pesos on his credit to companies.. :squareeye


Is it possible to get a 30 or 60 day visa for emergency medical purposes from the USA consulate top travel to the states?

What steps would we have to take to get the donar to the USA?
Are there any "good" Kidney transplantation doctors in the DR if the visa is denied?

Please if anyone knows the best solution please let me know.

Thanks for anyone's assistance in this matter.



Jan 1, 2002
You need to get several opinions regarding the option of a kidney transplant.
1) You mother is 71, and only on dialysis in NYC for 11 months. She can be on dialysis for 11 years, easy. My sister was on dialysis for 15 years. There are huge programs in NYC for dialysis patients. Look into this.
2) Kidney transplants in the DR are now quite frequent. If the tissue typing shows a good match, you could do this at HOMS (DR. Eliana Din? is the chief of transplants), or one of the facilities int he capital.
3) If the operation and the tissue typing are all okay, then letters from doctors and hospital authorities in the US telling the US Consulate in Santo Domingo of the medical circumstances that require this short visit and visa would make that visa a possibility.

You are lucky, you have a lot of will work out, you'll see.



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Jan 2, 1999
The guy I know for kidney transplants in Santo Domingo is Dr. Jeffery Assad.
He's American, trained in the DR and Spain. He's a good friend and one of the best Urologists and Kidney guy's in Santo Domingo.

If you need his contact info, PM me and I will pass on your info.

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Sep 4, 2007
If you can't find a donor in the DR you can also try Colombia !

$30k U.S was the price for a new liver so a Kidney should be less!

I maybe shopping one day as well so forgive me if I cut to the chase.
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Aug 15, 2019
I do now! I need a kidney doctor in the capital that speaks english because I donated 1 some years ago and now I have some problem. Any ideas?


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Jul 4, 2012
It's easier to dig a hole to china than get help from the embassy. I sent an email to them for help with my medicare. After about a week a nice lady called my home phone and said she is going to help me right now. She said check your email for the assistance. The email said call medicare on the phone for assistance an 800 number that call cost me long distance for over an hour. The medicare person finally said you should call your embassy for assistance. How do you like that i finally wrote a letter to medicare [this was over a month ago] no answer back as of yet.