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Mar 2, 2003
So they're fixing the streets near my house because some fat politico wants to look like he's doing something around election time. (the streets are fine, they're just not paved which keeps the neighborhood quiet since you cant race through there)

The street repair crew has been extremely destructive, destroying all the trees unnecessarily and systematically destroying the water lines throughout the neighborhood. For a while we were the last house left with water and were running hoses and sending buckets to all our neighbors. (many neighbors had actually moved away temporarily because of the water problem)

So we asked them when the water would be fixed, and as you can imagine, could not get a straight answer, but one of the supervisors did take it upon himself to start mouthing off to us.

So I took my tuck and parked it sideways in the street so the work trucks couldn't get through. I told them I would move it when I got an answer about the water.

They decided to ram my truck with their tractors so my crazy Dominican wife climbed up on it with two big rocks and dared them to come any closer and get their windows broken.

Finally the main engineer showed up and refused to commit to a time line about the water line, but he did mention he could get me a water truck in the morning to fill the cistern.

I told him I needed it today, but that I'd take his word for it and move my truck and if the water did not show up we'd be in the same situation in the morning along with as many neighbors who thought their car insurance was good enough to participate in the strike.

Within 5 minutes I had a water truck.

Woo-hoo for me. Can't wait till I get in a situation where I can burn some tires.

mike l

Sep 4, 2007

You are having a bad year but good for you.

The new paved roads come with new speed bumps, some of which are not yet colored with yellow as a warning and that can be dangerous and or expensive.

Bring the tire, I have a lighter.

Blue or Red ...Vote both!
Mar 1, 2009
Power to the people!!! Can one paint the policia acostao (speed bump) oneself? I have a big hole in my street I have to fill up with rocks and sand so the car doesn't bend the rim. I just don't trust any obras publicas.


Aprendiz de todo profesional de nada
Aug 18, 2007
Next time you strike let me know I'll send news reporter with the cameras!!!

Mar 2, 2008
The kind'a woman I like!

... J-D.

Absolutely!!! I agree with JD on that.

By the way, JD, it was nice meeting you yesterday. I'm sorry I was busy with the rehearsal. I would have liked to have had a little conversation, at least. Maybe some other time.


Jan 1, 2002
D@mn!! that was phuckin' fantastic schitt!!! Goldern!! Screw them!! Way to go!!! GOTCHA!!....that was just great!

And, If puch comes to shove, let me know and I'll get some cameras from TV there ande Jose Gutierrez....

HB truly impressed with Michelle...I'll bet she was one p!ssed off woman!!!
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