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Nov 19, 2014
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National District government presents its land use plan to businesses

National District (Santo Domingo) Mayor David Collado presented to urban experts and businesses the Strategic Land Use Plan that would be adopted for the capital city through 2030. The purpose of the presentation was to get feedback from experts and key business sector constituents before the bill goes before the City Council by the end of May 2018.

"It is a vision we have of the city by 2030,” he announced. He said: “For the first time the city of Santo Domingo has its Territorial Ordinance Plan, with proposed rules that will strengthen foreign investment”. The proposed plan is comprehensive and includes new zoning rules that outline the maximum number of stories allowed for buildings in different parts of the city.

Present at the event were representatives of the National Business Council (Conep), the Association of Industries (AIRD), the Association of Hotels and Tourism (Asonahores), the Association of Builders and Developers of Housing and the Hotel Association of Santo Domingo, international organizations, including the USAID and UNDP, among others.
Mayor David Collado has signed an agreement to implement the plan and strengthen Santo Domingo as a resilient city with the representative of the United Nations Development Program, Lorenzo Jiménez de Luis.

During the presentation of the plan, Jesús D'Alessandro, director of the Strategic Plan of the National District, said that the issues of urban density, interconnection, decentralization and pedestrianization of the city of Santo Domingo have been addressed in the plan. He stressed that the ideal city of Santo Domingo, needs a fast transit system and that the expansion of the subway system is required to connect passengers to more destinations, to facilitate the efficient mobilization of approximately 25% of the metropolitan population. He said currently fast mass transit system only serves 10% of the transport users.

D’Alessandro spoke of the problems related to approximately 7 km of informal settlements that strangle efficient vehicular flow that must be addressed. In particular, he mentioned the chaotic layout of Ensanche Quisqueya and Los Praditos sectors.

It seems strange to me that only now some semblance of an urban planning ordinance is being presented.

Yes Santo Domingo has got plenty of problems and the uncontrolled building and what appears to be a complete lack of urban planning has created most of these.

On paper this all sounds good but is it achievable?