Nagua Luz 24, but every day 8 hour blackout


Apr 29, 2014
The general consensus is that you need to be able to supply your own needs for electricity and water. Delivery of electricity suffers from all sorts of problems from production to distribution. Equipment failure due to a lack of maintenance and poor infrastructure components and design occur frequently and somewhat randomly. Those with the resources all have backup generators or solar panels so they can keep the lights on for a long time if needed. In the event of a power interruption due to a significant storm it is not uncommon to be without for 2 or more days. Other failures are usually corrected within a day provided the needed replacement parts are available. Needing a new transformer can take some time if there isn't one available locally when needed.

As for water most who can drill a well and maintain a largish cistern on the property assuming they have electricity to pump that water into the house or to an elevated tinaco. Otherwise buckets and a swimming pool act as the emergency water source. There have been improvements in the delivery of power over the years but the system is still prone to failure and Murphy's law applies to these situations daily. As for what specifically is going on with your power supply in Nagua, you'll need to contact Edenorte and see if they will tell you what's going on and what they are doing about it. Good luck, maybe buy more batteries if you are low after 8 hours without power.