National Campaign to Rectify Census' Underepresentation of Dominicans


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Mar 6, 2002
Dear Friend,

We urge you to join the Dominican American National Roundtable in a national campaign asking the U.S. Census Bureau to correct the number of Dominicans erroneously reported in the last Census of 2000. (

The census reported that we are 765,000. However, important independent studies confirm that more than a million Dominicans live in the United States. Most importantly, this discrepancy could be corrected using current statistical data.

John R. Logan, from the Mumford Center states, ?The Census Bureau, using either the Census 2000 Supplemental Survey or the long-form data from Census 2000, is in a position to provide superior estimates, and we encourage the Bureau to do so.? The Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund (PRLDEF) affirms, ?the Bureau could correct the under specification of Latino national-origin groups using data from sample count question on birthplace and ancestry. The Bureau has in the past used this method to correct ambiguities in full count data, which has resulted in changes in group totals.?

?The seriousness of the problem resides in the fact that policymakers, businesses, and others use the Census to assess a community?s importance, needs, and impact? (Max Castro, North-South Center).

Our problem of invisibility could disappear. We can make a difference if you communicate this concern to your political representatives.

Enclosed you will find import information about this campaign. Please make copies and distribute them in your barrio, community and organizations. Like ?los Trinitarios? we could be thousands if you encourage at least three Dominicans to participate in this national campaign.

Ay?danos! Contamos contigo!

Jos? Ram?n Bello
Executive Director

Dominican American National Roundtable
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Washington, DC 20036-5517

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