National District electoral board gives names of new deputies


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Feb 20, 2019

The National District Electoral Board announced the preliminary count and names of the winning deputies for the election held 5 July 2020 for the districts #1 and #2. The Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) won eight seats, the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) seven, the People’s Force (FP) two and Country Alliance (AlPais) one.

The deputies-elect are:District #1: Altagracia Ortiz and Michelle Ortiz (PLD), Orlando Jorge Villegas and Elias Matos (PRM), Omar Fernández for the People’s Force and Jose Horacio Rodríguez for Country Alliance.

District #2: Alfredo Pacheco, Jesús Ogando and Aníbal Díaz (PRM); Lourdes Segura and Tobías Crespo (PLD).

District #3: Results pending.

The vote count for the deputies continues nationwide. The Superior Electoral Court (TSE) has received 32 recourses presented by candidates contesting the results in different voting districts...
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