National District Mayor explains priorities, new bike circuit starts Wednesday


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Feb 20, 2019

Carolina Mejía, the new mayor of the capital city of the Dominican Republic, says that improving the flow of traffic in the city, adequate handling of solid wastes, and the lighting in the city are her priorities.

In an interview with Diario Libre, she spoke of new efforts to reduce the amount of wastes trucked to Duquesa, the city’s garbage dump. The program intends to get people to separate the rubbish so that what can be recycled stays in the National District and less is trucked to Duquesa. This would represent significant savings for the National District government.

Regarding transport, Mejía is working closely with Hugo Beras, who resigned his aspirations to run for mayor for the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) to join Mejía’s campaign. She appointed him as her secretary-general. Beras spoke of 42 more one-way streets that have been approved for the city, pedestrian...
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