National Symphony champion Margarita Copello passes away


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Feb 20, 2019

At 90, the guiding force of the Symphony Foundation, Margarita Copello passed away. She is recognized for her successful efforts to create increased awareness of classic music, presentation of world-class classic music events, including the Santo Domingo Music Festival, and the creating of better working conditions for classical musicians.

She was born in Santiago de los Caballeros, daughter of Anselmo Copello, Italian-Dominican, and Argentina de Soto, Dominican, on 21 October 1931. She married Pedro Rodríguez Villacañas, a Spaniard, in 1954, with whom she had six children: Pedro Anselmo, Margarita Eulalia, José Antonio, Juan Carlos, Marisol and María Teresa.

In 1986, the National Symphony Orchestra was going through a serious financial crisis that threatened its existence. The then director of the Symphony, Maestro Carlos Piantini, turned to Don Pedro Rodriguez...

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