National talks resume today; President Abinader expected to attend


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Feb 20, 2019

During his rendition of accounts on 18 August 2021, President Luis Abinader convened national talks to discuss a dozen major issues. He summoned the members of the Social and Economic Council (CES). A first meeting took place on 30 August, when the participants requested the government present written proposals on the issues.

A second meeting is set for Wednesday, 15 September. President Luis Abinader is expected to participate. As reported, labor and police reform will be excluded from the talks.

On the table is a taxation pact, an amendment to the Constitution to ensure the independence of the Attorney General Office, social security, quality of education, electricity sector, electoral issues, transportation, water sector, hydrocarbons market, among others.

Political parties, businesspeople and members of the civil society are convened to meet at the...

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